Horse’s Axe

Horse’s Axe

Project Information
Denison, United States
15 March 2023

The Horse’s Axe website serves as the official online platform for The Horse’s Axe, a company specializing in axe throwing and other recreational activities in the state of Texas.

Challenges addressed:

  • Streamlined Booking Process: The website offers a user-friendly interface for booking a throw online, completing necessary waivers, and establishing direct communication with the company.
  • Comprehensive Location Information: It provides in-depth details regarding pricing, operating hours, available events, and package options for each of The Horse’s Axe’s four locations: Denison, Denton, McKinney, and their mobile unit, the Axe Wagon.
  • Visual Testimonials: The site showcases a vibrant collection of images and videos, featuring individuals enjoying their experiences at The Horse’s Axe. Additionally, it includes authentic testimonials from delighted customers who have relished their visits.
  • Franchising Opportunities: The website presents an enticing franchising opportunity, inviting entrepreneurs to become part of The Horse’s Axe’s growing movement.

Clients Feedback

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"Outstanding job on completing the project! Every task was executed with precision and care. It was a smooth collaboration, and your proficiency in troubleshooting and resolving website issues made the process even more seamless. Thank you for your excellent work!"
Branden Tolle