Project Information
WordPress, API, Axios, Laravel, Nuxt js, Vue Js
March 2023

Casa Mia Coliving homes are strategically situated in vibrant neighborhoods brimming with character, offering our members the convenience of easy exploration on foot in their desired living areas.

DigiCove Values

  • We developed a secure and efficiently managed API using Laravel.
  • On the front end, we employed Nuxt.js and Vue.js to create a seamless user experience.
  • We’ve integrated Carousel Slider and Slick-slider for detailed image viewing, adding to the user interface’s appeal.
  • To provide a virtual room view, we’ve incorporated Matterport using three.js, allowing users to explore spaces virtually.
  • For location services and room filtering, we’ve seamlessly integrated Google Maps.
  • Our routing system is powered by Vue-router, ensuring smooth navigation within the application.
  • For search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, we’ve harnessed the capabilities of Nuxt.js. Nuxt.js enhances SEO performance by rendering web pages on the server (server-side) rather than in the browser (client-side), resulting in improved search engine visibility.
  • These improvements collectively enhance both the security and user experience of our platform.

Clients Feedback

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"DigiCove helped us improve our online visibility and we saw a significant increase in website traffic. They are great to work with and I highly recommend their services. Our business consulting programs helps to break the performance of your business down into customers and product groups so you know exactly which customers or product groups"
Johannes Times CEO of REx Company